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Why not learn about knitting and crochet at a StitchUpp class or workshops? Knitting and crochet are great for fitting into a busy lifestyle. You’ll find that small projects can travel on the bus, a few rows can be completed at lunchtime or while you wait for the kids on the school run. You may well find that Knitting or Crocheting in front of your television distracts you from snacking and entertains you during the adverts too.

Our Knitting and Crochet Workshops are ideal for beginners and anyone wishing to brush up on their skills. Please note all classes require pre-booking due to the limited number of spaces available: please contact us by phone 01572 850 032, via email jane@stitchupp.co.uk or visit the shop to book your place.

On 2nd May Ravelry was 10 years old.   The idea was to share completed creations, get help for works in progress, and get ideas for future projects.  Nowadays individuals and retailers can also buy patterns from designers we wouldn’t otherwise see.  It’s been a huge success, with over 7 million users worldwide.  Ravelry works because everyone contributes in some way.  You probably look up projects for patterns you are interested in.  How do you make the most of that, and how can you reciprocate?  Here’s your opportunity to find out how.

When: Thursday 8th June 2017             Time: 7.30 pm till 9.30pm

Please remember to book by telephoning 01572 850032 or email jane ‘at’ stitchupp.co.uk

Thursday nights at StitchUpp are fun evenings open to anyone, intended to inspire you to look at new techniques and projects.  Bring a knit or crochet project to work on whilst we chat.  If you can contribute to the discussion with a pattern, a book, a piece of equipment, a finished object or an experience, please do.

Suggested donation:  £2.00.  Drinks included, and we make sure you are warm.

 Please see our Terms and Conditions for Classes and Workshops.

These terms and conditions do not apply  to Nattering about Knitting sessions.

 Nattering about Knitting

- Getting the Best out of Projects on Ravelry